Remove/hide right chatbox

How do i remove/move the right chatbox? after the update today, its apear a right box and i cant remove it.

please help.

Remove/hide right chatbox

hi, and thanks for the great addon !

May I complete this thread by asking if there's a way to move this bottom right frame please. I can move every other frame except this one.

I'm using last version of Tukui and have been trying to move it for the last couple hours, with only Tukui activated or with MoveAnything addon activated too.

Best regards,

Remove/hide right chatbox

Tukz wrote:
Sat Sep 07, 2019 7:51 pm


If you don't have this option, then your are not up to date, update.
i have same problem , but i updated with tukui client , cant move or resize of right chat window

Remove/hide right chatbox

I am having a similar issue where I can hide it but can't move or resize it. Is this something that will ultimately be addressed or is the box permanently unable to be altered?

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