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What happened with last 3 buttons on action bar 1?


Since i started to use ELVUI about 1 month ago i noticed that some buttons does not show, just want to understand why and if there is anyway to show them.

If you look on this image number one, using the classic UI, i configured a spell on "=" button (in the red circle):


If i come back to ELVUI, and active all possible action bars the addon allow me to active, it does not show anywhere the spell i configured on "=":


The same thing happens if i put spells on default last 4 buttons: "9", "0" and "-".
Do you guys know why this happens? Do i need to active any other option on configuration area?

What happened with last 3 buttons on action bar 1?

Daervon wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:50 pm
Go to /ec --> ActionBars --> Player Bars --> Bar 1 and change Buttons to 12 and Buttons per Row to 12 (assuming you want to have them all in the same row... mess with it to satisfy your visuals).

Given the UI spacing in your screenshots, you will need to either move or resize your Player and Target frames or resize the ActionBar size to make it fit.
Thanks a lot, thats i was looking for

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