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Problem with Action Bar 1

Every time when i logg in on every char into the game , i cant use every single key bind on my Action Bar 1. I can click on them by mouse but when i use key bind on keyboard it doesnt work. On my rouge i have to do use stealth key bind which is on my Action bar 2 and then i can use all key binds on action bar 1. Same on my druid where i use shifting into other form which is keybind on my action bar 2. When i ''activate'' by this way action bar 1, after it action bar goes well all the time. But on my other chars i dont know how to use action bar 1 if they dont have any spell that i can place on my action bar 2 and activate this way action bar 1 (from some reason). I tried to disable all addons and I'm sure the problem is Elvui Shadow and Light addon. Anyone can help please?

2. Version number of ElvUI - 12.17

3. Do you have the issue with only ElvUI? Yes, disabled all other addons. Specifically with Elvui Shadow and Light

4. Do you get any errors, if so post. - no

5. Do you have the issue with only the Blizzard UI? - No.

Problem with Action Bar 1

This has nothing to do with S&L as we do not touch anything related to keybinds or actionbar paging. Sounds like it could be your actionbar is paged or ur paging is messed up in ur bars. If you do

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/luaerror on
in chat u will still see ur issue then I know it's not S&L as we are a plug-in that adds features to elvui and not touch keybinds or the way they are handled. This is prob best answered in discord with live feedback and images for a faster solution. I would join the tukui discord from the chat link at the top
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