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ELVUI 12.21 Profile Copying Bugged

damit -- same thing happened to mine *&@#^@(@&

yep-- game crashed for some reason, computer restarted - all Elvui options gone...and even weak auras as well. But all other addons are working just fine?????? wow what a pia
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ELVUI 12.21 Profile Copying Bugged

litely wrote: Thu Mar 11, 2021 3:08 pm Hello,

I went to copy an existing profile to a character and promptly had all of my profiles reset. Please help.

Thank you!
I just tested this and you must have overwrote your profile due to not reading the popup and not confirming you was in the correct profile.

Copying a single profile will not touch any other profile. This has been covered so many times it's not even funny. The code doesn't understand more than 2 profiles..

Copy From:
Copy To:

There is a confirmation box when you click the Copy From box.. the current profile that you are in is the Copy To Profile..

So if your profiles just vanished after a reload then you had corruption happen.

It can happen due to a crash to WoW, You ALT F4 WoW.. Computer Crash.. Power Outages.. very many reasons. There is nothing wrong with how ACE3 handles export / importing of profiles. This would be a major hit to addons as a whole.. Like Deadly Boss Mods, Big Wigs, Skillet, Altoholic.. It's a library used by over 2000 addons..