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How to duplicate actionbars?

just put the actionpage you want to see into the actionpaging field followed by a semicolon. see this table for reference:

Code: Select all

	Page	ElvUI	WoW name
bar 1	Page 1	Bar 1	actionbar
bar 2	Page 2	Bar 1	Multiactionbar - Bottemright
bar 3	Page 3	Bar 5	Multiactionbar - Right
bar 4	Page 4	Bar 4	Multiactionbar - Right 2
bar 5	Page 5	Bar 2	Multiactionbar - BottemrRight
bar 6	Page 6	Bar 3	Multiactionbar - Bottemrleft
so you want to see bar 2 inside of bar 3, you put: 5; for example

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