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Changing location of actionbars depending on trigger?

I'm putting way too much effort into my unitframes. I'm trying to put them between my target and player when I'm in a party or solo and on the left of my screen underneath my player health bar when I'm in a raid.

I've thought of a few ways to do this. I figured at first one of the tags would probably allow me to just set the X and Y of the bar. But I don't think this is possible.

then I figured I could probably make the buttons of bar 7-9 copy the buttons of bar 1-3 and then simply hide/unhide them depending on if I'm in a raid or a party/solo. But I can't get this to work since the keybinds will just not copy over.

Is there a way to
1. Change the location of a bar depending on a trigger/action
2. 'Duplicate' a bar so I can have two actionbar 1's and have them show/dissapear in different places?

Changing location of actionbars depending on trigger?  [Accepted Answer]

1. no
2. yes just put the bar (crosscheck with the list below) into the actionpaging part

Code: Select all

	Page	ElvUI	WoW name
bar 1	Page 1	Bar 1	actionbar
bar 2	Page 2	Bar 1	Multiactionbar - Bottemright
bar 3	Page 3	Bar 5	Multiactionbar - Right
bar 4	Page 4	Bar 4	Multiactionbar - Right 2
bar 5	Page 5	Bar 2	Multiactionbar - BottomRight
bar 6	Page 6	Bar 3	Multiactionbar - Bottomleft
so if you want bar 4 to mirror bar 2 you would have to put "5;" into actionbaging on bar 4. its a little convoluted because elvui and wow actionpages dont use the same numbers

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