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major issue with improved scorch on target unit frame


Search did not help, so I bring it up as a new topic.

There appears to be TWO issues with improved Scorch:
1. If another player/raider casts improved Scorch BEFORE you (the player), the Scorch debuff does not show up for the player. I'm using the default filter so manipulating it should do the job in theory, but shouldn't the default settings accommodate this simple interaction? =ALL mages will be respeccing to fire very soon, and we'll need a way to view stacks of Scorch for optimal gameplay.

2. Even greater issue is how sometimes the Improved Scorch debuff completely vanishes from the Target Unit Frames. This happens occasionally and I cannot reproduce it. Sometimes I think my Scorch missed, but the Logs say I hit, and in fact, I do see the Scorch debuff remaining on the Nameplate of the Target.

EDIT: As a corollary to #2 above, sometimes the refreshed 5 stacks of Scorch stays on WITHOUT a duration associated with it...

major issue with improved scorch on target unit frame

Found a 3rd issue.

When you try to refresh Scorch stacks, the UI sometimes ignores the refresh, continues to count down to zero, and reappears with 5 stacks BUT WITHOUT THE DURATION.


As you can see, the Scorch stack shows 5 for # of stacks, but it lacks the DURATION, which is crucial to keep Scorches up in raids. The Fireball DoT and Ignite DoT are displayed correctly with duration.

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