LuckyoneUI • 30/05/2020 • Retail & Classic • DPS, Tank, Heal • Discord

Hello Luckyone, im using your UI for some time by now and im loving it. Really clean UI and minimalistic.
My problem comes when i try to use blizzard raid frames for raiding because my guild requires me to use healcomm classic for healing and i read somewhere that healcomm and elvui are not compatble and the other healers can see my healing prediction in their frames so i tried disabling raid frames on elvui and many other options but i still cant see the blizzard raid profiles option and the blizzard raid frames when i do that so i must be missing something.
Do you know something i could try? because i love your UI and i really dont want to change it to another for this .
Thank you and keep up the good work! :)

LuckyoneUI • 30/05/2020 • Retail & Classic • DPS, Tank, Heal • Discord

Hi Luckyone, your UI is amazing i realy love it but i have a "bug" , when i finish a fight my Details frame Vanish and i need to fight again to see the window or /reloadui but only seeing him for 1 fight. i have your installer in elvui and i follow all instalation guide step by step do you know how to solve that bug ? Thanks to you :)

edit : I have find somthing: when i change/create a new tchat box that make my details appear again ( for one fight)

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