Tracking Question/Suggestion

I've been playing my resto druid lately and I don't believe the current TukUI has a way of tracking if Efflorescence is active and its duration. If there is, please let me know where to find it as I've searched menus and haven't found anything.

In earlier versions of TukUI, Efflorescence was tracked using something similar to shaman totems if an old screenshot I have is any indication:


If I haven't overlooked a current tracking option, is it possible to have something added in the future?

Tracking Question/Suggestion

I believe there is a totembar option in the config of tukui. Did you disable it perhaps?

Create a shaman that can put up totems to see where the totem icons pop up?

@Tukz I think he's right, in Unitframes/player.lua there is this part:

if (C.UnitFrames.TotemBar) and (Class == "SHAMAN" or Class == "MONK") then

I remembered you were moving the totembar stuff and making it more class specific when you where working on T18 during Beta. Less classes were using the totem bar.
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