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When making a new character, and now as i just server transferred, some of the options in ELVUI is the standard even when you import a profile that works. Right now I’m trying to set up the UI of my Monk tank, but some options are changed. I have managed to track down most of the options, but i am missing the fonts of three things (in the picture below)
1) The font of the text when i write a chat message. I’ve managed to change font on all massages themselves, but not while writing. Where do i change this?
2) The font of quest "bubbles" - When talking to a person who gives you a quest
3) The font of numbers of items in my bags.

Also I’m making a updating my healer UI - since last time i used it I’ve changed the threat colors and made some costume texture to the target frame (among other frames). Is there an easy way to change these or do i have to manually do them?

Finally i have 2 "swords " on my minimap, these disappear when i turn off elvui. What are they and how do i remove them?

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Cant get the [ img ] to work. So heres a link to the image
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OwF4_7 ... sp=sharing

Thanks for the help


Some settings are private, and only affect that one specific character. The best way to do a 1-to-1 copy between 2 characters is to use the "Export Profile" option. You need to export 2 things, the "Private" settings and the "Profile" settings. Then import those 2 strings on your new character.

1. Think this is the general font set in "General -> Media"
2. Check "Chat -> Chat Bubbles" (or perhaps "General -> Chat Bubbles"), if nothing there then it uses the general font.
3. Check the Bags section of the config for font options. If nothing there then it uses the general font.

No idea about the swords, try disabling ElvUI plugins, and not just ElvUI. The addon "ElvUI" only consists of "ElvUI" and "ElvUI Config", nothing else.
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