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FPS Drops and spikes with last two ElvUI versions

Hi Guys,

I've searched and read through the current ticket trackers and I have not found anything that troubleshoots my issues as of yet.

I'm currently using version 11.10 the issue started with the prior version to this, but the previous version I was using was 10.75 which worked a dream.

To give you some background, I'm using a Macbook Pro Retina, I use easyRez to adjust the resolution first and then run wow in low resolution mode which has been my set-up for the end of Legion and BFA.

When Updating ELVUI I met a message asking about adjusting the scaling or auto-scaling, I believe this may have something to do with the issue.

Now to the issue itself - I have 60 seconds of 60 - 70fps (Regardless of if i'm standing still or in a raid or running/flying etc etc). Suddenly my FPS will just drop to 25 - 29 and sit there for a further 20 seconds and raise back up, this continues throughout game play.

I uninstalled ElvUI last night and played solely on the WOW interface with my remaining addons (DBM, Recount, Etc etc) and had no such issues, I had a solid 65-73 FPS with no spikes or drops.

Is there any way I can somehow disable the scaling feature completely, or any advice you guys may have that can fix this, i've been an ELVUI user for years and years, I'd rather fix this then move to another UI.

Thanks for your time,


FPS Drops and spikes with last two ElvUI versions

It is not scaling, that much I know. Changing the scaling is a one-time thing, what you experience is high CPU usage for long periods of time, multiple times.

Tracking down fps issues can be hard, because what causes it for one person might not cause it for another. You can try disabling the ElvUI modules in the ingame config, and see if you can narrow down which module or combination of modules that cause a high impact in CPU usage and as a result a high drop in fps.
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