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Namepalte Out of Range Alpha Slider

So this was a setting I was trying to play with for a bit, and part of the issue might have been me not changing the right setting (Raid vs Raid 40). The other part is that I expected Min Alpha 0 to be completely transparent. I noticed that while using the Party fader, I could make unitframes completely transparent, but not with the Raid fader.
I also noticed that while it was initially loading the raid's unitframes, some players frames would be completely transparent while others wouldn't be (I didn't get a good picture of this). After changing this setting a few more times, it reverted to all of the Raids unitframes only being partially transparent, even with a Min Alpha of 0. Is there some other setting I am missing here, or is this a bug? I would really love the ability to lower the transparency of my Raid unitframes.

In the middle section of this screenshot, you can see how some of the unitframes are not being affected as heavily by the fader's Min Alpha value. (Irialyne is much more Opaque than Rawpaw right above him). In the bottom section it reverts back to being broken again, with them all fairly visible with a Min Alpha of 0.

Unitframes Out of Range Alpha Slider bug


I noticed I can fix this issue if I lower the Party Fader to Min Alpha 0. I guess the issue is that while in a Raid, the Raid Fader value is stacking with the Party Fader value. Would it be possible to fix this so I don't need to change the Party Fader value back and forth depending on if I'm in a Raid or a Party.

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