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Bags.lua line 170 error

Can anyone help me figure out what is causing this?
Date: 2019-08-13 13:50:18
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ...terface\AddOns\ElvUI\Modules\skins\Blizzard\Bags.lua line 170:
Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink")
[C]: ?
[C]: ?
[C]: ContainerFrame_Update()
..\FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:282: ContainerFrame_OnShow()
[string "*:OnShow"]:1:
[string "*:OnShow"]:1
[C]: ?
[C]: Show()
..\FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:1022: ContainerFrame_GenerateFrame()
..\FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:313: OpenBag()
[C]: ToggleAllBags()
[string "OPENALLBAGS"]:1:
[string "OPENALLBAGS"]:1

Swatter, v8.2.6377 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AngryAssignments, vv1.11.9
AngryKeystones, v
AucAdvanced, v8.2.6338 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucFilterBasic, v8.2.6364 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatHistogram, v8.2.6366 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatiLevel, v8.2.6370 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatPurchased, v8.2.6367 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatSimple, v8.2.6368 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatStdDev, v8.2.6369 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucUtilFixAH, v8.2.6371 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AzeriteTooltip, v2.0.6
BeanCounter, v8.2.6381 (SwimmingSeadragon)
BrewmasterTools, v
CanIMogIt, v8.2.0v1.15
DBMCore, v8.2.12
DBMDefaultSkin, v
DBMStatusBarTimers, v
DBMVPKiwi, v@project-version@
Details, v
DetailsEncounterDetails, v
DetailsRaidCheck, v
DetailsStreamer, v
DetailsTinyThreat, v
DetailsVanguard, v
ElvUI, v11.20
Enchantrix, v8.2.6373 (SwimmingSeadragon)
ExRT, v4030
FixOrderHallMap, vv1.0.3
GarrisonMissionManager, vv59
GTFO, v4.48.10
Hekili, vv8.2.0-08.03
HideTalkingHead, vv1.1
Informant, v8.2.6374 (SwimmingSeadragon)
LootAppraiser, vv1.9.6
MethodDungeonTools, v2.7.3
MogIt, v3.9.0
MogItArtifact, v3.9.0
MogItOneHanded, v3.9.0
MogItOther, v3.9.0
MogItPlate, v3.9.0
MogItRanged, v3.9.0
MogItTwoHanded, v3.9.0
mousesonar, v1.2
NomiCakes, v8.0.0.1
Omen, v3.2.2
Pawn, v2.2.46
PetTracker, v8.2.1
PetTrackerBreeds, v8.2.1
PetTrackerSwitcher, v8.2.1
PetTrackerUpgrades, v8.2.1
RaiderIO, v8.1.0 (v201908120600)
RaiderIODBUSA, v
RaiderIODBUSH, v
Rematch, v4.9.11
RematchElvUISkin, v1.2.2
Simulationcraft, v1.12.2
SlideBar, v8.2.6375 (SwimmingSeadragon)
SpellFlash, v8.0.5
SpellFlashCore, v2.1.8
Stubby, v8.2.6376 (SwimmingSeadragon)
TidyPlatesThreatPlates, v9.1.12
TipTacItemRef, v19.03.31
TipTacTalents, v19.03.31
TradeSkillMaster, vv4.7.16
TradeSkillMasterAppHelper, vv4.0.3
WeakAuras, v2.13.4
WhoTaunted, v1.4.1
BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v8.2.0.80200 <none>

Bags.lua line 170 error

The point of the post is to go through the troubleshooting steps. We need that information to help you with the error that you are having. It also explains this in the first line
Often when people post in the technical support forum the first 2-5 answers are from people requesting more info. Not only is it annyoing for the people trying to help, it also severely slows down the entire process of going from a problem to a solution.
I’ll give a quick summary.

Type in chat in game
/luaerror on

Recreate the error now. When you get the error, copy it here and also type in chat in game
And upload a full UI screenshot (no cropping) showing the error and the status panel.
I always recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles/settings for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

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