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Target Debuff icon

unit frames > auras > tick display only our debuff on unitframes should do it.
although its quite handy to know what other debuffs are on a mob. for instance if a mob is already slowed, you dont need to waste your time applying your own. or useful to see who dotted up that sheeped mob and broke it. or if somethings low health and running away, if it's got debuffs you can see that you dont need to waste a caste to kill it because itll die anyway. lots of situations where its useful

Target Debuff icon

So I have the opposite problem. I want the Target frame to show all debuffs. I am able to get it on the nameplates, but I usually play with enemy name plates off unless required, and I'd like to be able to see all debuffs on a given boss, etc. Please see screenshot below.

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