New ElvUI User!

My name is Jake and I grew up playing World of Warcraft. It definitely shaped my childhood and gave me a passion for video games. I started in Vanilla and stopped sometime during WoTLK.

Started back up at the end of legion primarily playing 19 twinks. I've always seen streamers use this interface and it always looked incredible to me but I was so used to default Blizzard UI that I didn't want to "learn" the setup and make the transition.

However, with the release of classic I figured what better time than starting from scratch! I Have downloaded it and found myself rather addicted to learning as much as I can about the different options and features while setting up my perfect UI. I find myself constantly changing things as I get more accustomed to it.

Just wanted to say I really love what you have done with this interface and for being so active with this community!

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