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Tukui - Lua Error when casting renew on an NPC

Message: ...ddOns\Tukui\Libs\LibHealComm-4.0\LibHealComm-4.0.lua:2192: bad argument #2 to 'strsplit' (string expected, got nil)
Time: Thu Oct 31 08:55:45 2019
Count: 1
Stack: ...ddOns\Tukui\Libs\LibHealComm-4.0\LibHealComm-4.0.lua:2192: bad argument #2 to 'strsplit' (string expected, got nil)
[C]: ?
...ddOns\Tukui\Libs\LibHealComm-4.0\LibHealComm-4.0.lua:2192: in function `?'
...ddOns\Tukui\Libs\LibHealComm-4.0\LibHealComm-4.0.lua:2725: in function <...ddOns\Tukui\Libs\LibHealComm-4.0\LibHealComm-4.0.lua:2723>

Locals: (*temporary) = ","
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "string expected, got nil"

The error occurs when I target an NPC and cast Renew.


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