Before reporting a bug, try to do a clean re-install:
  1. Remove all entries of Tukui Client from Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Remove data folder for Tukui Client:
    • Open a Windows Explorer window (folder).
    • Type the following in the address bar and press Enter:

      Code: Select all

    • Find the Tukui folder and delete it.
  3. Download the latest version of the Tukui Client and install it.

add-on deletion when switching game version windows

I noticed this "bug" and managed to reproduced it 2 times ( one when happened first time and second few moments ago).
I have just elvui and addon skins on retail and elvui on classic: if i update say elvui on retail and switch to classic window while downloading, the progress bar stops and the result is the add on is deleted from game folder and not updated.
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add-on deletion when switching game version windows

This isn’t a bug. You will have to let the download finish.
The client always deletes the old addons before downloading the new one.

If you swap while it is downloading, you have effectively just deleted the addon, then swapped the file path to where it should download to.

Let the download finish, then swap between retail and classic.
I always recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles/settings for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

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