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Help with UF:PostAuraUpdate

Before the new ElvUI update on 11/10/2019, I used to be able to customize the height of the auras on my nameplates. The way I did it was to go into Modules\Nameplates\Elements\Auras.lua and add in the line 'button:SetHeight(22.5)' into the function named NP:PostAuraUpdate.

With the new version, you guys decided to use the unit frame module to control the nameplate buttons, so that function no longer exists and you now use UF:PostAuraUpdate to handle that. The issue is that if I add back in the 'button:SetHeight(22.5)' line into that function located in Modules\UnitFrames\Elements\Auras.lua, then all of my target frame, focus frame, and boss frame etc. auras will be squished as well as the nameplate icons.

The old ElvUI nameplate icon height being shorter than the width is something i prefer greatly, as showing both purgable buffs and general debuffs can take up a lot of vertical space if the icon height and width is set to be the same. I was wondering if anybody could help me figure out a way to allow me to specifically set the height of nameplate buffs and debuffs, because I'm having a difficult time figuring it out myself, thanks.

Help with UF:PostAuraUpdate

I would also like to see this feature added. I run a lot of Mythic Plus, vertical real estate is already at a premium with the number of mobs in a pull. Being able to have stubby auras would allow me to reduce vertical overlap while preserving icon fidelity.

Help with UF:PostAuraUpdate

It's been a while since I first posted this so I'm bumping it because I desperately need the help to figure out a solution to this - even if there is no solution, I just need to know if its possible.

Help with UF:PostAuraUpdate

Hey Merathilis, thanks for the help. I actually just looked through your plugin and it helped me better understand how to make this fix on my own.

For anybody wondering, the way I got it to work was to copy the UF:PostUpdateAura function from Modules\UnitFrames\Elements\Auras.lua and paste it in Modules\Nameplates\Elements\Auras.lua (around line 146) and change the UF in the function name to NP, add the line 'button:SetHeight(22.5) beneath the first if statement, then go to lines 43 and 46 and change the UF in UF.PostUpdateAura to NP. This allowed me to overwrite the function and have it only apply to nameplate auras instead of all unit frame auras.

Hopefully in a future build this feature could be added, but it looks like I'll have to be manually doing this each time ElvUI updates. Thanks again for the help.

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