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ElvUI - Unholy DeathKnight Minion Question

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this and this is not necessarily an issue or bug, but more of looking for some guidance or advice.

I'm an avid DK player and recently switched from Frost to Unholy. Been just as, if not more, an avid ElvUI user for years...

I'm looking to see or find out if anyone has experience or prior knowledge of using ElvUI settings with being able to have the Unholy DK's Undead Minion "standout" more, so he is easier to track and manage..ie..static target reticle at his feet, different constant nameplate above his head, etc.

I tried figuring it out myself last night, did some searches here, and searches in general on the WWW, but came up with nothing. I figured I'd ask the experts.

Thank you in advance and thank you for your continuous work on such a great UI!
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