TukUI - How to hide quest item identification in bags

As topic says, I have an issue where there is a little exclamation point on the left side of the quest items in my bag. The part that is the issue is some of the quest items I have are stack-able and if it's 3 digits, it covers the ones column, making it impossible to see if if I have 1xx, or 2xx, ect...

Is there a way to disable quest tracking of items in my bags so I can get rid of the exclamation point and see the quantity of that item I have?

Suggestion: Maybe make a yellow border around the item or something, rather than using the exclamation point that blocks half the items graphic/number count.

Thanks <3

TukUI - How to hide quest item identification in bags

I would love some feedback on this aswell, I love TukUI but I would really love to know how to remove these quest marker, it shows up for alot of my consumables and its very irratating, can anyone please reply to this intial question! Id love to know this aswell.


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