One of our own needs your help!

Hi everyone. This is Blazeflack.

Something bad has happened to one of our own recently, and so I write this post to call out to the community with the hope that some of you may be able to help out a person in need.

Darth Predator has been the victim of fraud, which has landed him in deep financial trouble. Below is his call for help:
Darth Predator wrote:As much as I don't want to do this, I don't have anywhere to go at this point. So I decided to ask for help here.

Recently I got into deep trouble. I got scammed out of all my savings and a loan was made in my name.
Unfortunately we don't have laws in my country to protect people like myself who fall victim to these scams. On top of my medical bills I will now have to pay somewhere around $12000 USD before interests kick in sometime next month.

It is already hard to pay for my current bills as is and plain impossible to get out of additional debt. So I humbly ask this community to help me out in the times of dire need.
If you have the resources and can find it in your heart to help me out, then please consider making a donation.

How you can help
Darth Predator needs monetary help, and even the smallest amount will make a huge difference.
But even if you don't have the resources for that, simply sharing this post is a huge help.

Where to donate
If you have the resources and can find it in your heart, then please donate through the PayPal method listed below. Unfortunately it has not been possible to set up a GoFundMe page, as Darth Predator's home country is not supported. As a team we personally looked into creating one on his behalf, but tax regulations and other laws make it too complicated to be able to get it done as quickly as we need it to be.

Darth Predator has a PayPal.me link you can use if you have a PayPal account. He is unable to create a donation button to be used for people without an account (seems like PayPal limitations), so I have created a specific donate button on my own account, and all money received through this button will be transferred from my account to Darth Predator.

Regardless if you are able to donate or simply just share this post, I want to thank you for your time and consideration.

Thank you!

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