Why subscribe? Subscribing is just a way for you guys to show some appreciation and give something back if you love our work.

As many of you already know, Tukui and ElvUI takes a considerable amount of time to maintain and isn't paid for. We also have some costs associated with the website, domain, etc. For a small fixed amount per month, you will help us to keep this project alive.

If you would like to support us (which is by no means required) please use the link below. By donating with us, your user rank will upgrade to Premium.

If you would like to contribute in non-fiscal ways, such as your time, that is great as well. Once of best ways to do this would be to sign up for an account and become involved in the community, helping other users with their questions and issues. The most active users get a rank upgrade to VIP, which give you the same privilege as a Premium account.

Thanks to everyone who contribued since our start and thanks to everyone who will do the same in the future!


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